Tokyo Aromatherapy Remedial Massage, Facial , Detox, Maternity and Cellulite buster by Japanese therapist qualified in Australia 2003. close to Tokyo Midotown and Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Roppongi Akasaka  Aoyama


Qualified in 2003 Sydney, Australia


KEIKO/SOLEMARE owner therapist
●Born and grown up in Yokohama
●1st of September is my birthday, I am Perfectionist Virgo!
●Enjoy Health consious, Spiritual and Social life with balancing and positively. Not strict Fish+Vegetalian since 1998.
●Favorite words: Love and Passione
●Love Italian and Mediterranean culture, history, art , Red Wine and food. Used live in Florence, Italy for 2 years before moving to Australia.
●Have great passion for traveling; meeting new people, exploring local gourmet, culture and life style.
●My new passion is Single Malt Scotch Whiskey expecialy indulging in smoky peaty ISLAY whiskey!
●Love ocean environment so my best holiday is at Isola Panarea in Italy.
●Respect craftsmanship and artisan made by human hands with pure creativity.
●Before I changed my career I used to work in trading company in Tokyo.


It is my pleasure to help you to achieve your optimum wellness and shine up your everyday in Tokyo.

With an emphasis on, “total wellness and beauty” I treat my clients holistically; body, mind and spirit. I utilize Anatomy and Physiology theory in my hands techniques and recommending treatments at the consultations.
Dermatology, Muscle, Skeletal, Lymph, Immune, Circulatory, Nerve systems are especially important for me to achieve quick Magical results in my treatments.
At the same time, I focus to Chi energy flow .

Moreover, I would like each client or expat family living in Tokyo from around the world to enjoy Talk as well. From my experience of living and working in oversea in multicultural environment can help to share your feeling, thought or concern you have here in Tokyo.

Therapist Career Started in Australia 2003

Enrolled in Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia
Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Australian Aromatic Medicine Association(AAMA)
Australian Private Insurance Provider
Started new career at Spa Chakra (Hotel W, Sydney, Australia)
Steiner Corp.( London, UK)
Green House Spa (in Holland America Cruise Line)
Open Private-spa SOLEMARE (Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan)
Move to Akasaka, Tokyo


●Dip.Aromatherapy/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2003
●Dip. Manual Lymph Drainage/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2003
●Dip. Remedial Massage/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2003

●Certificate of Swedish Massage/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2002
●Certificate of Reflexology/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia in 2003
●Certificate of Bach Flower Remedies/Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia
●Certificate of Reiki1/Sydney, Australia in 2003
●Certificate of Reiki2&3/Tokyo, Japan in 2006
●Quantum Touch, Los Angeles, USA in 2005